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MeganWatkins_profile.jpgMegan Watkins’s Portfolio

Hello world, my name is Megan Watkins.

I completed my tattoo licensing through Eugene Tattoo and Body Piercing Co. a few years ago but haven’t been full time at the shop until November of 2014.

I love art… all art. My mother is an art teacher so I had no choice but to submerge myself since birth. My beloved childhood pastime was taking a sharpie to walls, tables, people or what have you. The moment I saw my first tattoo performed, I was obsessed and knew it was part of my future.

My goal in life, as in my art, is to progress everyday. It’s my privilege to work with people and help them express themselves through their living art.

For consults and appointments please call the shop and ask for Megan (541) 485-7109, or you are welcome to email me at the shop.

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