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My wife and I are the owners of Eugene Tattoo and Body Piercing Company. I am a tattoo artist, body piercer and lead instructor with a BA in Arts. I tattooed in Albany, Oregon for a few years before my wife and I decided to open our own shop, closer to home, in Eugene. For the last five years, we have enjoyed running a clean, professional shop providing a "complete tattoo experience." As said before, our devotion is to providing clean and professional tattooing, in a clean and professional environment.

I have lived in the N.W for over half of my life, but I have lived from near the Mexican border to the shores of Alaska... literally. In the past, I have been a licensed contractor, and long time ceramics instructor at Oregon State University's Craft Center. Various forms of Art, Martial Arts, the ocean, and various outdoor activities have always highly influenced my life (to many to list). Professionally, and actively I am known as a "Jack of all trades."

Because of the pastimes and places I have lived and traveled, I tend to gravitate towards primal, tribal, and indigenous art forms. From Latin American, Polynesian, N.W. Traditional, African and especially Asian, I like them all. I also enjoy falling back on my formal art training, doing portraits and semi-photo realistic pieces. I enjoy doing color work and black and grey equally.
I am probably best known for replicating complex pieces that were brought to me; it could be worse than to be known as a great replicator... I guess.

I would say that my favorite work is truly my next project. I love so many styles of art, and I enjoy making the tattoo about what the client wants and their style preference. The client's opinion about the tattoo is what matters most to me; it's on them for life.

Call the shop or stop by to set-up a consultation with me to discuss your next tattoo project, I'd be honored to do it.

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