Eugene Tattoo & Body Piercing Company, Tattoos, Eugene, OR
Eugene Tattoo and Body Piercing Company, Eugene Oregon

Eugene Tattoo and

Body Piercing Company has moved!

Please visit us at our new location:

539 E. 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401


Our shop specializes in clean, custom work, but we also love putting a new spin on existing flash, traditional pieces or simply replicating our client’s ideas.  We do portrait tattoos and depending on existing tattoos, we are glad to do cover-up work or take over existing projects. We will also consider tattooing “controversial body areas,” like the head, hands, feet, neck, or face; which, all require setting up a consultation appointment.

Gift Certificates, Cash, and Credit/Debit (Visa, Discover, MasterCard Only) payment options are available.

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